Academic Classicism Artists Index

Academic Classicism Artists Index

Alphabetical Index of the Great Masters of the Academic Classicism

Academic Classicism is a style of art that emerged in the 19th century and was characterized by its adherence to classical aesthetic values and forms.

Academic Classicism was closely associated with academic institutions such as the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, which emphasized the teaching of classical techniques and styles. Artists who studied in these institutions were trained to create works that embodied a sense of idealized beauty and perfection, which was seen as a reflection of the highest values of society.

The style was characterized by its use of traditional forms and subject matter, such as historical and mythological scenes, as well as idealized portraits and landscapes. Academic Classicism artists sought to create works that were highly polished and refined, with an emphasis on clear, precise line and form.

Some of the most famous Academic Classicism artists include Alexandre Cabanel, Jules Joseph Lefebvre, and William-Adolphe Bouguereau. In the late 19th century, however, Academic Classicism fell out of favor with many artists and critics who saw it as overly formulaic and conservative. This led to the rise of new art movements such as Impressionism and Symbolism.

Amerling, Friedrich von (1803-1887)

Blaas, Eugen de (1843-1931)

Bonnat, Leon (1833-1922)

Boucherville, Adrien de (1829-1912)

Bouguereau, Adolphe-William (1825-1905)

Brandt, Jozef (1841-1915)

Cabanel, Alexandre (1823-1889)

Carolus-Duran, Charles Emile August (1837-1917)

Catala, Luis Alvarez (1836-1901)

Charlemont, Eduard (1848-1906)

Chelminski, Jan van (1851-1925)

Comerre, Leon Francois (1850-1916)

Cot, Pierre-Auguste (1837-1883)

Delaroche, Paul (1797-1856)

Deutsch, Ludwig (1855-1935)

Ernst, Rudolph (1854-1932)

Flameng, Francois (1856-1923)

Frere, Charles-Theodore (1814-1888)

Fromentin, Eugene (1820-1876)

Gerome, Jean Leon (1824-1904)

Gervex, Henri (1852-1929)

Gilbert, Victor Gabriel (1847-1933)

Hublin, Emile Auguste (1830-1891)

Kaemmerer, Frederick Hendrik (1839-1902)

Kaufmann, Isidor (1854-1921)

Knight, Daniel Ridgway (1839-1924)

Ladell, Edward (1821-1886)

Laurens, Jean-Paul (1838-1921)

Lefebvre, Jules Joseph (1836-1911)

Lesrel, Adolphe Alexandre (1839-1929)

Martin-Kavel, Francois (1861-1931)

Meissonier, Jean-Louis-Ernest (1815-1891)

Merle, Hugues (1823-1881)

Merson, Luc Olivier (1846-1920)

Munier, Emile (1810-1895)

Perrault, Leon-Jean-Bazille (1832-1908)

Pukirev, Vasily (1832-1890)

Ralli, Theodore Jacques (1852-1909)

Reggianini, Vittorio (1858-1938)

Reichert, Carl (1836-1918)

Ricci, Arturo (1854-1919)

Robie, Jean-Baptiste (1821-1910)

Rosati, Giulio (1858-1917)

Roybet, Ferdinand Victor Leon (1840-1920)

Salanson, Eugene-Marie (1864-1892)

Schryver, Louis Marie de (1863-1942)

Soulacroix, Frederick Charles (1825-1879)

Vernet, Horace (1789-1863)

Vibert, Jehan Georges (1840-1902)

Wierusz-Kowalski, Alfred von (1849-1915)

Winterhalter, Franz Xaver (1805-1873)

Wontner, William Clarke (1857-1930)

Yvon, Adolphe (1817-1893)

Zuber-Buhler, Fritz (1822-1896)