TopArtPrint Giclée Printing Process and Used Print Media

We are excited to share information about our giclée printing process and the exceptional print media we utilize. Our range includes top-notch materials such as canvas, fine art papers, frames, mats, and acrylic glass instead of traditional glass.

To enhance your understanding of the final product quality, we offer multiple photos and detailed shots for each type of media.

Giclée Printing Process

The giclée printing process is a high-quality method used to produce fine art prints. It involves using professional-grade inkjet printers that are capable of creating incredibly detailed and vibrant reproductions. This process ensures that the final prints closely resemble the original artwork in terms of color accuracy and texture.
Giclée prints are created by using archival pigment inks, which offer exceptional color stability and longevity. These inks are carefully applied onto various print media, such as canvas or fine art papers, using precise droplet technology. This results in a smooth and consistent application of ink, capturing the intricate details and subtle nuances of the original artwork.

At the core of our mission lies the commitment to deliver our customers with exquisite prints of renowned artworks, capturing the essence and impact of the original paintings. To ensure a seamless experience, we have simplified the selection process by offering two carefully curated print media options that guarantee the utmost authenticity. For artworks originally created with oil on canvas, we exclusively offer canvas printing, allowing you to relish the texture and depth of the original. For pieces crafted on paper, encompassing watercolors, pastels, etchings, and more, we provide top-tier printing exclusively on high-quality art paper. By focusing on these exceptional mediums, we strive to offer an unparalleled representation of the artist's vision and skill.

Giclée Canvas Media

Giclée Canvas Media

Our canvas embodies every essential characteristic that defines a superior artistic reproduction. Crafted from natural cotton, it showcases a meticulously woven texture that harmoniously complements the artwork. With a weight of 400 g/m², the canvas possesses an acid-free and pH-neutral surface, making it an ideal choice for any interior setting.
The satin-gloss finish of our canvas exquisitely reproduces the vibrant colors while enhancing the depth and richness of dark shades. This glossy surface imparts an extraordinary radiance, vitality, and depth to the painting, reminiscent of the varnish applied to original artworks displayed in museums. In contrast, matte canvases lack the ability to achieve such color depth, appearing dull and pale, unlike the glossy canvas we employ. Furthermore, the natural texture of our canvas conveys an authentic painting-like impression, ensuring that detailed oil paintings are faithfully reproduced with an utmost preservation of pictorial elements and vibrant colors.

Giclée Fine Art Paper Media

Giclée Fine Art Paper Media

Introducing our classic fine art paper, crafted from pure cotton. This paper boasts a delicate texture and a matte finish, enhancing the visual allure of any printed artwork. Weighing in at 180 g/m², our premium-quality paper is free from optical brighteners, acids, and lignin - ensuring a natural product untouched by additives that may compromise the longevity of colors.

When reproducing high-quality originals with demanding dark densities, our paper excels, faithfully capturing every shade and delivering exceptional color saturation. It effortlessly preserves intricate details and subtle nuances with unparalleled precision.