Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy enables our customers to understand what information we collect and how we use it.

Order Information

We only store the information that our visitors want to provide. Some of the information is needed to complete the order, and it includes name and shipping address. We also request information that facilitates communication, such as e-mail address and phone number.

As another level of security, in order for you to place an order, we will not require that you create an account on our website.
Nobody buys a painting every week, and most of our customers make only one-time orders, so we do not want to collect additional data such as addresses and passwords.

On our site you can only shop as guests.

E-mail Addresses

We store the e-mail addresses received and use them for nothing else but to send information about your order.
We never disclose information about our customers' e-mail addresses to other companies or individuals.


We follow a strict privacy policy, and we never send any advertising or service information, unless you have subscribed to our newsletter and you have explicitly agreed to that.

Information from Anonymous Users

We collect statistical information from the users of our site, such as: which country they come from, which pages do they visit most often, what type of web browser do they use and how much time do they spent on our site.