Portrait of Doge Marcantonio Trevisan, c.1553/54 - Canvas Print
Tiziano Vecellio Titian

Location: Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary
Original Size: 100 x 86.5 cm
Portrait of Doge Marcantonio Trevisan, c.1553/54 | Titian | Giclée Canvas Print
Titian | Portrait of Doge Marcantonio Trevisan, c.1553/54 | Giclée Canvas Print

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Titian attained the prestigious position of official painter of the Venetian Republic at a remarkably young age. This significant role catapulted him into receiving numerous commissions from all corners. One such noteworthy commission involved the creation of portraits for the Palazzo Ducale, famously known as the Doge's Palace, capturing the likeness of the ruling Doges. In addition, Titian had the privilege of contributing to the grandeur of this colossal palace through his exquisite decorative works.

In the year 1553-1554, Marcantonio Trevisani held the honorable title of Doge of Venice. Titian skillfully captured the essence of this influential figure in his portrait, emanating a profound sense of inner dignity. Reflecting the style prevalent during the mature Renaissance period, the portrait showcases Trevisani adorned in a hat and robe crafted from opulent gold brocade, skillfully painted in three-quarters perspective. Beyond simply depicting an elderly man radiating serene self-assurance, this masterful artwork also encapsulates his esteemed social standing and the crucial role he fulfilled.

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