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French Rococo Painter

From 1754 to 1765 Hubert Robert (1733-1808) was a boarder at the French Academy in Rome and explored Italy with two friends, Jean-Honoré Fragonard and the Jean-Claude Richard de Saint-Non. His fascination with Ancient Rome filled his drawings and paintings with monuments, imaginary vistas where genre scenes, ancient ruins and vegetation mingled, earning him the nickname 'Robert with the Ruins'. In 1778, Louis XVI named him painter of the royal gardens and commissioned him to redesign the gardens of Versailles and Rambouillet, as well as to rebuild the Baths of Apollo at Versailles.

For thirty years he painted numerous views of Paris. In 1787, he was commissioned to paint four decorative panels depicting ancient monuments in Provence for the royal apartments at Fontainebleau. Called the Most Important Monuments of France, these astonishing works form a unique ensemble. The majestic ruins of the "Le Pont du Gard", the Maison Carrée and the Temple of Diana at Nîmes, also the Arc de Triomphe at Orange, are animated by picturesque minor characters and bathed in light imbued with poetry. In 1784 Robert became curator of the Sovereign's collection of paintings and produced a series of designs for the Grand Gallery of the Louvre that would never be realised. He was arrested in 1793, released in 1794, and in 1795 was appointed a member of the Commission for the Musée, the future Louvre Museum, recently established. He would remain in this post until 1802.

4 Hubert Robert Artworks

Ruins with an Obelisk in the Distance, 1775 by Hubert Robert | Canvas Print
SKU: 19594-RHU
Hubert Robert
Original Size:160 x 104 cm
Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow, Russia

View of Bridge of Sphinx, 1767 by Hubert Robert | Canvas Print

View of Bridge of Sphinx 1767

Giclée Canvas Print
SKU: 19001-RHU
Hubert Robert
Original Size:96 x 163 cm
Fuji Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan

The Fountain, c.1775/78 by Hubert Robert | Canvas Print

The Fountain c.1775/78

Giclée Canvas Print
SKU: 17696-RHU
Hubert Robert
Original Size:113 x 90.2 cm
Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth, USA

The Rustic Bridge, Chateau de Mereville, France, c.1785 by Hubert Robert | Canvas Print
SKU: 17603-RHU
Hubert Robert
Original Size:65.4 x 53.3 cm
Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minnesota, USA