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Giclee Art Prints - Product Information

Your art print on canvas or paper will be printed specially for your order in accordance with the size you have chosen and the proportions of the original painting. Many websites, which sell art prints, offer standard sizes, out of proportion with the original paintings.
Our policy is radically different: our art prints are offered in sizes of the original artworks or they are offered in exact proportions to the original paintings in the museums.
3.6 cm or 1.4 inches of white, blank canvas (beyond the dimensions of the printed area you have ordered) is left on all sides of your Art Print, which will be used to stretch the canvas over a frame.
The lifetime of our Fine Art Prints is more than 100 years.

We use the latest digital printing systems in order to provide the highest quality of artwork (Giclee Technology).
Our printers use 11-colour ink sets and with them the print is elevated to new levels of quality, reliability and durability. The extremely small size of the drops and the widest colour range help us to obtain the appearance of exceptionally true colour and fine detail. The composition of the inks is completely safe and ecologically friendly.

Our canvases are specially designed and made for Fine Art printing. They have perfectly fine mesh textures which are suitable for the details preferred for this kind of printing. The material is much durable than natural plant fibre and imitates a painting canvas perfectly.

The paper, which we use for your Fine Art prints, is of an extremely high quality – mould made, acid free, 230 gsm textured artist paper. The quality of the paper, combined with the inks we use, ensures that the finished print has a long durability and accurate colour tones, just like the original painting.

Mat, Mount (Passepartout)
We offer a varied selection of two types of mat (passepartout): wooden and cardboard.
The wooden mats are designed for framing of Fine Art Print on Canvas, they are produced by branch-leading Italian companies.
The cardboard mats are designed for framing of Fine Art print on Paper, they are available in extremely large variety of colours.

We offer a great variety of frames, which can suit every interior style. In terms of material, our frames are wooden, plastic or metal, and are made by the best Italian factories, keeping with the newest style trends and designs.

Glazing and Varnishes
The final element of the framed Fine Art print on Paper is spreading high quality acrylic plexiglas. It has incredible optical clarity and is extremely lightweight and long-lasting. Its main benefit, as opposed to glass, is that it is shatter-proof and ideal for transportation.
The framed Fine Art Print on Canvas is treated with special UV varnish, which protects the painting from sunlight, dust and humidity, whereby its lifetime can reach over 100 years.

Plexiglas and glass are placed only over artworks on paper (drawings, graphics, aquarelles and pastels).
Artworks on Canvas are displayed without plexiglas or glass, the reverse is extremely unprofessional. (just imagine a van Gogh or a Rubens behind glass)

All our framed fine art prints arrive completely ready for hanging on the wall.